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This website you're reading right now!
NextJS, React, Typescript(X), SCSS, all that fancy stuff - but zero client-side JS. You can check out the github here, and even steal a bit if you'd like. Fully designed and styled by me, built up over a couple years of incredible procrastination. The chance I ever work on a less modern web stack is slim to none. This CSS stuff is terrible even with all this fancy equipement.

Weather Box

A tiny box that tells you the weather and the forcast!

16bit CPU

A "functional" (in progress) CPU build entirely on breadboards with 74-series logic chips

KSP Control Panel

A physical rocket cockpit control board to sit below my monitor, to control rockets in Kerbal Space Program with.

Whiteboard bot

A robot to draw arbitrary lines on huge whiteboards with high precision


A compiler built for a custom designed, C-like language that compiled directly to x86_64 assembly


A project to build a functional keyboard on a custom designed PCB. Firmware built from the ground up on ATSAMD THUMB processors. USB HID code never worked.